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Terms & Conditions

• Please read this page as you are responsible for it's compliance.
• The Artist is of legal age (18 or over). The Artist guarantees that all models used in their art/photos are of legal age (18 or over), and have a signed model release, and keep and maintain records of this according to all local, state and national laws.
• Every reasonable precaution will be taken to assure protection of selected work, however the Dirty Show assumes no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause - including shipping to, or from the show, submit at your own risk.
• The Dirty Show retains a 35% commission of the selling price of all standard submission pieces, please price your work accordingly.
• All artwork will be on public display at the Dirty Show 17 - February 12-20, 2016 - Detroit Michigan, and all work must be for sale.
• All art must be registered electronically, in advance, with this form, those that are not, will not be displayed.
• All artwork must have a Dirty Show I.D. label affixed to the backside or the bottom (for sculpture).
• The Dirty Show reserves the right to display art in any fashion, layout, or scheme.
• The Dirty Show reserves the right to omit from exhibit, any art, at any time, for any reason.
• No art may be removed until after the after show ends.
• Art shipped to the show will be shipped back to the artist, the artist is responsible for all shipping costs to and from the show.
• Art dropped off to the show needs to be picked up on the assigned Pick-Up Date. Please consult Drop-Off & Pick-Up dates and times. These dates are subject to change, based on the exhibit demand.
• All unsold art will be returned to the artist.
• After the show's close any unclaimed art will be donated, or disposed of.
• Please read and understand the shipping/drop off and hanging instructions.
• Do not send art that has not been accepted or requested by us, it will not hang.
• The Artist warrants that they are the authors of the artwork and it is of personal execution.
• The Artist shall hold Dirty Show, LLC harmless from and against any loss, expense, or damage occasioned by any claim, demand, suit, or recovery against The Dirty Show arising out of the exhibition and sale of the work, or for the use of the work by the Dirty Show in the promotion and advertising of the exhibition.
• The Dirty Show is NOT responsible for artwork shipped to us that is not registered in advance of it's arrival.
• Location and time of event is subject to change.
• Each Artist with work in the show is allowed free personal entry to the exhibit, however it is not necessary to attend to exhibit. Artists will receive a pass that allows them entry to the show, for the run of the show upon arrival at the Artist Check-In.
• The Artist grants the Exhibition the permission to use a photo likeness of your artwork for marketing proposes.
• The Dirty Show reserves the right to withdraw acceptance if the quality does not reflect images submitted.

This call has agreed to Terms & Conditions